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Love Reborn

By Tamara Regina Armanda Zeegers
Nanach might have been around for three and a half millennia, but patience is still not one of her strong points. It sure didn’t help her getting her love turned in the past. Nevertheless when she comes upon him reincarnated again after a couple of hundred years, she’ll be damned if it ain’t going to work out this time! (another one of her traits; her perseverance).

But wait! Something’s wrong, he’s old. Well…a world famous musician in his late forties, so not the smooth faced youngster she’s encountered in the past. It can mean only one thing, her old time adversary is back on the scene. This brings back memories of times gone by. From the last occasion they met during the forlorn days that set off the French revolution, the story proceeds backwards to her meeting him the first time and her initiation into the ancient Egyptian blood mysteries, which episode ends when his last life as a vampire comes to a brutal end. But let’s not forget the account of Nanach inadvertently violating the chastity of a Franciscan novice when discovering he is her love reborn.

Each and every single one of those encounters ends with his untimely death, through the manipulation of an unidentified foe. She still has to discover the who or why of it all, so when her long time associate, P, shows his deformed face, she is sure glad to see him.

Dave, then again, is experiencing troubles of his own. His marriage is on the brink of breaking up when into his life walks this beautiful woman, available and to say willing would be a blunt understatement. On top of it all it turns out she is one of the undead (though when he dares to call her that she is more than a little annoyed).

Meeting his true love should have subsequently resulted in the onset of eternal happiness, but the introduction of this splendid creature is followed by that of her blood thirsty, power mad pursuers, who are not only out to spoil his latest gig in London, but to end his life in the nastiest possible way.
Some of the newly united couple’s oldest Egyptian allies turn out to hold a very ancient grudge indeed. During their centuries long pursuit of Nanach and Dave, they have managed to set powerful forces to their hand and slaughtered anyone crossing their path without impunity. This time Nanach and her companions come very close to buckling under their enemy’s malice, if it were not for their one flaw, their own conceit.

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