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Rise of The Embodied - Part II of the Quantum Mechanic series

Evil begins when you start to treat people as things.

Machines, humans, demons, monsters... The Embodied are all these things and more. Spawned in the darkest shadows of singularity technology, they set their sites on immortality and the total subjugation of all mankind. Their power was unmatched by men, militaries, or nations, and they had control of the most powerful weapon in history - the Starlance orbital rail gun. America and the rest of the world found themselves at their mercy. Total annihilation was on its way and the fate of humanity seemed inevitable.

Then they faced the Quantum Man.

Broken, humiliated, and suffering the loss of a leader they once thought of as a god, The Embodied disappeared. But now they're back, they've changed, and they've been busy. No longer constrained by the limits of biotechnology, they have transcended to a state where their construction and their rage... are beyond human understanding. Flesh has become their stock and trade, and they will unleash upon the earth an army of abominations unlike anything ever seen. Wars will rage and the course of history will be forever altered as they pursue their unrelenting mission to create hell on earth. 

But before they do, they intend to kill the Quantum Man and everyone he loves... 

What will you do when The Embodied come?

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