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Through Hell to Heaven & Back! ebook

IMAGINE, could today’s LOCKSTEP pandemic response actually be the beginning of the LATEST – but now GLOBAL – CAMPAIGN of the very same WAR AGAINST HUMANITY waged in 1930’s Soviet Russia resulting in nearly 100 MILLION DEATHS?

Judge for yourself by reading Through Hell to Heaven and Back!, the TRUE afterlife account of one Russian dissident tortured to death by Soviet police, and discovering in his three-day sojourn beyond the grave the SHOCKING SOURCE of all poverty, war, fear, and sorrow PURPOSELY cultivated throughout human history – right up to today’s so-called ‘COVID-19 pandemic’!

Through Hell, To Heaven, And Back!
is that rare book that captivates the imagination, AND
offers profound spiritual insights into the nature of life, death, and the human spirit. First published in
2003 in Kelowna, B.C. Canada, this true-life chronicle is based on a hitherto lost Russian-language manuscript written by a Russian man who recounts in detail his experiences leading up, during, and after the time when he was persecuted, tortured, and left to die by Soviet authorities in a frigid prison cellar for three day and three nights in Stalinist Russia in 1931. The poignant and compelling afterlife experiences and insights expressed by the author and translated into English in the early 2000's by a linguist selected by the original author's son, offer spiritual insights that are totally unique and deeply thought-provoking. They are insights that challenge the reader to venture beyond conventional wisdom and the mostly unquestioned reference points from which most people view life and “the world.” Rather than suggesting like many self-help books do that the ‘truth’ is ‘out there’ somewhere, this book encourages us to look inside ourselves for the true causal factors that give rise to our experiences and the world around us. Consistent with the defining principles of quantum physics leading to the as-yet unproven notion that the fundamental constituents of the 'material world'  may not exist independently of human observation, it boldly suggests that the causal determinants of what we experience are to be found within the inner-most psyche of each individual. Indeed, while encouraging intimate self-reflection, the account guides us to nurture the bond between our minds and our hearts, and to understand that, "all that we see, and all that we ever will see -- with all our senses and through all our experiences -- is all ours, is all of us, is all for us, is all through us, and is all to us", and that "there is no death."
In the writing of his story, this author offers humanity profound answers and inspiration. His exceptionally
descriptive, simple, and cogent narration can't help but both transport the reader into those
realms of heavenly experience, and speak to the inner spirit of every human being. A truly life-changing

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