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food and human response a holistic view

According to very ancient Hindu thought, our personality is collectively known as Pancha kosas(five sheaths, in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language). The outermost physical form is annamaya kosa, directly related to food (anna is food), within which is the pranamaya kosa (prana means life), followed by manomaya kosa (mana means mind), within which is vigyanamaya kosa (vigyan means intellectual), and, deep within this sheath is ananadamaya kosa (ananda means bliss). From the above scheme one can visualize how intimately food affects our life and all activities connected with it. This book discusses several aspects of food consumption and human responses through the biochemical path, where brain has a vital function to perform. From the scheme given above, the art of sensible food consumption can indeed, lead to bliss. Tracing the significance of food in many cultures, the book discusses topics ranging from conceptual models in food behavior-inter-relationships to those dealing with protein-energy malnutrition among the poor of Africa and how the corporate world looks at food and brings to the reader a unique dimension on a hitherto superficially and inadequately discussed theme of food-behavior interface, and, goes on to conclude “we are what we eat, let us be healthy and happy in choosing the right food”.

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