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Straight From the Soil: How to Make Yourself Glow With Energy by Eating Delicious Raw Fruits and Vegetables

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For too long, the beauty and diet industry have convinced women that the secret to beauty is in purchasing makeup products and participating in dangerous diets. Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator, Bella Payne, challenges this notion. Instead of wasting money on products and starving yourself with diets that don’t work, you can transform your beauty just by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

To put it simply, you can lose weight and get clear, glowing skin by eating an abundance of healthy, delicious food!

STRAIGHT FROM THE SOIL provides the secrets to a more beautiful you. Enjoy over 50 delicious recipes you will want to make over and over again. These life-changing recipes will provide you large amounts of nutrients every single day, changing the way you feel and look. Eat your beauty foods today!

Eating fruits and raw vegetables will help you:

Grow thicker and shinier hair
Grow stronger nails
Make your skin glow
Lose weight easily
Increase energy
Sleep better
Improve your mood
Boost your libido

About the author: Bella Payne has been making delicious plant based food for over twenty years. At the age of 34, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Defying her doctor’s orders to begin daily prescription medication, she opted to try a 100% raw plant based diet for thirty days. Not only did her blood pressure return to normal, she lost twenty-five pounds, the premature lines on her face disappeared, her hair became stronger, and she was gifted with energy levels she hadn’t experienced since childhood.

Today, Bella teaches people how to eat a healthy, whole food plant based diet. Her recipes are colorful, creative, nutrient-dense, and delicious.

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