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Thaynara - Long Leg Cast with CastShoe - Walking Around Neighborhood

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Thaynara - Long Leg Cast with CastShoe - Walking Around Neighborhood 

After a long visit to an art gallery in a trendy neighborhood in São Paulo, Thaynara, who likes to wear high heels, wants to put it on a dare and go for a walk with a very high platform sandal.

He sits on a stool where his sandal is already waiting.

Before putting on the high heels, she makes a lot of caresses on her feet, her toe has a ring which she makes a point of caressing it.

She then begins a long walk through the neighborhood using only a crutch for support.

The moment comes when she feels confident and drops the crutch and begins her walk alone with Castshoe through the neighborhood.

After crossing the neighborhood she stops on a corner, asks to borrow a pen and starts writing on her plaster cast.

Write cool things, leave your plaster well designed, take a walk and go back to your house, finishing the photos and videos.

the videos have 10 min scenes of:

- walking on crutches

- putting on high heels

- foot fetish

- close ups

- exhibitionism

- ring on foot

- writing on plaster

- walking with Castshoe

You will get a MP4 (729MB) file
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