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Thalita Plaster SLWC - Chapter 01 - 28min

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Thalita Plaster SLWC - 1080p high resolution - 28min 

Thalita suffered a domestic accident where she fractured her ankle in 2 places.

In the first chapter, she wakes up with her ankle in a plaster cast, shows her beautiful little foot, with her nails properly painted. She puts on a high heel to try and walk in the morning in her room. She changes her clothes, to go out and go on an important avenue in the city of São Paulo. She is the centre of attention at the exit of the hotel, people offer help, she gets in the car, goes on her adventure to Avenida Paulista.

When she stops the car, she uses her crutches to go up the street and go to MASP, an important museum in Brazil. Lots of looks, questions, and she goes over there and puts on her high heels and looks at all the looks. After all this adventure she goes back to the car, to return to the orthopaedist.

The video contains scenes from:

- Indoor scenes inside the hotel room
- Walking on crutches with her big cast
- Change tight clothing
- Close-ups
- Beautiful toes
- Massages on her leg and cast
- Soles
- Feet
- Videos in bed
- High heels
- Descending and climbing stairs with crutches and sensual jumps
- Going to the hotel's hall
- Going public and moving in the city
- Public foot and plaster massage scenes



You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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