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Woman, why are you greatly deceived?

I once saw a woman at the verge of death and heartbroken. Her hair was scruffy and unkempt, one glance at her and you could tell that she had been crying for so long. She was a young lady but grief had made her look so elderly and tattered.  In the mist of tears and grief, she narrated her ordeal. She was once a very beautiful woman, fairly doing well for herself. She had dreams and aspirations and planned to attain lofty heights. Until she met a man; he looked like her prince charming. He swept her off her feet and he said all the right things, and did all the right things. She fell deeply in love with the aspirations of building a wonderful family with him. Finally, he proposed and it was like her whole dream came to reality.  She said yes, he started planning for their future and convinced her to liquidate all her assets so that they could invest for the future. She obeyed and he absconded with her whole money with another woman. This was the beginning of her whole ordeal.

Have you ever been heart broken and betrayed? Have you ever come to the point you literally could feel yourself dying? Have you ever wished that you never got into the relationship in the first place? This book is a book for every woman: for those who have been heart broken and those who don’t want to ever be heartbroken. You might say, ‘’it can’t happen to me.’’ And my reply would be, ‘’are you sure?’’

I grew up in the streets and I have learnt in life that the first people who are duped or hurt are those who say, ‘’it can’t happen to me’’ while lacking the required wisdom to back up such claim. You can either learn by experience or through a book like this. Which do you prefer?

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