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Space Colony One Books 4 - 6

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On a mission to save humanity

All that remains of human civilization is a fledgling colony on Concordia, a planet light years from Earth.

Infighting and disaster dogged the colony’s earliest days, but through the determination and bravery of a few individuals, the remnants of humankind have clung to existence.

One of the grittiest of these characters is Cherry Lindstrom. A farmer turned freedom fighter, she helped to lead the generational colonists’ rebellion. Now she must travel to the Galactic Assembly and persuade the leading powers to accept humans into their alliance.

But everything goes to pieces when the Galactic Assembly is attacked. Hostile aliens who want Concordia for their own are determined to prevent Cherry from gathering support.

She must fight, again, for what she believes in. Two thousand souls and the future of humanity are depending on her.

So begins the second trilogy in the space colonization epic adventure, Space Colony One.
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