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Bold Bounty

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The icy winds of the North Sea blow as Welsh noblewoman Morwen Angmire awaits her fate. Betrothed to the Marquis Delmore Le Chevreaux of France, she is instead taken away by the Northmen and claimed by Bjorn Halden, the devilishly handsome son of the village chieftain. In a struggle to survive the harsh winter and adapt to Viking life, Morwen finds herself in the middle of a conflict between two worlds. As the monstrous Marquis comes to reclaim what he was promised, Morwen must choose between the valiant Viking and the dark horror from France. Who will win her heart, and will Morwen be able to survive the treacherous journey and discover her true destiny? If you enjoyed the romantic adventure of Outlander, then you'll love the bold and daring journey of Morwen in Bold Bounty

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