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Urbanova family with an extremely serious case

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Marcela Urbanova is a woman aged 39, from the Czech Republic. On January 9, 2017, a tragedy happened, I had a fire at the house where he lived. We Optina 45% burns on the skin. Doctors say this is a chance to revindeca finansing need only to restore her health.

The family has contacted 18 private clinics for surgery of the best surgeons in the Czech Republic to discuss his case, after which they decided to specialist Dr. Lubomír Svoboda in Prague based on experience and his credentials. ESTH was hospitalized in Prague (recommended due to its children's facilities).

As the problem was becoming increasingly complex, Family Dr. Lubomír Svoboda advised to speak with a neurosurgeon in Berlin. After consulting neurosurgeon at Berlin and after much deliberation, it was decided to bring Marcela to Berlin for treatment and had residual tumor removed.

Marcela was brought to Berlin in an air ambulance and was admitted to the hospital Elizabeth. The day after arrival, underwent brain surgery and abscess was removed successfully.

During the procedure, the surgeon opened a path for excess water to drain in the brain that reduce brain swelling when, then it would naturally use.

During recovery after surgery, Marcela Urbanova underwent a series of tests to identify infections present nature so that doctors could treat him. The results came back positive bacterial and was started on a course of antibiotics.

A week later, the micro-culture test results came back and a fungal infection was life threatening brain Marcela Urbanova Ms. identified. In addition, during a routine postoperative CT scan, doctors found another brain tumor that could not be detected before it was covered by inflating the surrounding areas of the brain.

Marcela Urbanova was put on medication intravenously to treat fungal infections. A very high dose had to be taken because of the type of fungal infection and unfortunately this has caused blood pressure and heart rate to shoot up to dangerous levels, was admitted to intensive care. Unfortunately, to complicate the matter further, excess water in the brain was diluting the drug that was meant to treat fungal infections.

Cerebral edema parallel dropped to normal and partially blocked natural water, there was a build up of pressure in his brain Marcela.

While all this happens, antibiotics that Shayan was taken for burns (in the brain, neck, chest and lungs)

The main problem at the moment is the fungal infection, it is very important that this is completely removed from the brain. A sample was sent for a test and we expect micro-culture.

Thank you in advance to those who will understand me.


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