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Blitzed Issue 11

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Blitzed Issue 11

The new issue of Blitzed brings you more interviews, features, reviews and news covering the worlds of music, art and culture.


We speak to China Crisis as their 1983 album ‘Working With Fire And Steel – Possible Pop Songs Volume Two’ marks its 40th Anniversary. As the band begin to embark on a new tour celebrating the album, Eddie Lundon and Gary Daly discuss China Crisis’ pastoral pop and their long musical legacy.


In an exclusive interview, JJ Burnel talks about his history with The Stranglers as well as his turbulent youth, his passion for motorcycles, his pursuit of martial arts, political thoughts and the obligatory sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. We also review the new book ‘Strangler In The Light’ in which JJ covers those themes in vivid (and often shocking) detail.


The distinctive vocals of Graham Parker return with the new album ‘Last Chance To Learn The Twist’. The veteran musician opens up to Blitzed about his extensive musical career, the challenges of live performances and his separate ventures as a novelist.


Few bands made a global impact like US outfit The Go-Go’s. We chat with Gina Schock about the American new wave wonder’s achievements, but also about her own post-Go-Go activities, including photo book ‘Made In Hollywood: All Access With The Go-Go’s’.


Plenty of classic albums are celebrating anniversaries this year, so Blitzed has cast an eye over some choice cuts. This includes Duran Duran’s 1983 opus ‘Seven and the Ragged Tiger’, David Bowie’s 1975 covers album ‘Pin Ups’, Culture Club’s chart-topping Colour By Numbers, John Foxx’s ‘The Golden Section’ and Cocteau Twins’ ‘Head Over Heels’.


Josie from synth-pop powerhouse Vicious Pink goes out on the town with our very own Mik Scarlet to discuss what the duo’s current plans are.


In Blitzed reviews, we look at releases by Vince Clarke, Duran Duran, Bryan Ferry, Graham Parker, The Bluebells, Devo, Howard Jones, It’s Immaterial, Battery Operated Orchestra, Magnetic Skies and more!


There’s a unique feature on new wave-era songs about nuclear war; we explore John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic ‘The Thing’ and also the wonderful tech world of ‘Thunderbirds’ creator Gerry Anderson. Plus, Lucy Robinson explores the history of Rock Against Racism.

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