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Mend Me (A Song of Healing)

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Mend Me (A Song of Healing) is a deeply personal prayer for myself.  During the past several years of the pandemic paired with the increase in violence in our society and negativity we all have been facing, I have found it increasingly difficult to respond with grace to people I encounter.  I found writing this piece very cathartic, and hope you find the same healing in it.

Written for two part treble / lower voices choir, this piece also works well as a two-part mixed piece, two part women, or two part men.  I wrote it specifically for the Twenty-Third Sunday of Ordinary time as a reflection on the readings.  Isaiah 35:4-7a (Then the ears of the deaf shall be opened and the tongues of the mute speak), Jas 2:1-5 (Has not God chosen the poor of the world to inherit the kingdom?) and Mk 7:31-37 (He has made the deaf hear and the mute speak.)

This will be my choir's first Sunday back for well over a year, so I limited the range of the vocal parts, used step-wise motion, and made it as vocally easy as possible so that they could learn it in one rehearsal.  

The pricing on this piece is assuming you are making copies for your choir.  
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