Singing for Non-Singers E-Course

by Prita Grealy

'Singing for Non-Singers' e-course

It will be a 4 week online program with modules on vocal warmups, breathing techniques, simple voice anatomy, healing remedies, energy release techniques and more to help find your unique voice. My goal is to give you the tools to improve & strengthen your singing voice and have more confidence in your own unique sound.

Each week will have several videos and journal prompts for you to explore your own vocal potential and help you 'find your voice'. Exercises for you to practice at home & tools to help you strengthen your voice muscles including pitch, projection, range and style!

By the end of 4 fun weeks with me you will have more confidence in yourself, your vocal ability and sound, and hopefully be singing around the house & in your car ( not just in the shower - although that's also a great place to sing!!) and even venture out to sing in front of others if you so wish to!

Special Price of US$149 

I'm so excited to share all I know & love and breathe about the voice!! And I'm so happy to have you on this journey with me!!

PS.. I have a feeling the knock-on effect of freeing up your voice will also create some other changes in your life!!

PPS thanks for being awesome.

Love Prita xx

PPPS feel free to ask me any questions & yes there will be a special fb group for my lucky singers!!

You will get a PDF (537KB) file.

$ 149.00

$ 149.00

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