Singing for Non-Singers E-Course

by Prita Grealy

Have you been umm-ing and ah-ing about what you can do for YOU this year? what fun thing that would bring a bit of spark back to your life and a bit of 'pep-in-your-step'. 

I know how you feel! It's time for more FUN in our lives right? sometimes it all gets a bit too heavy and serious.. like really.. enough already with the news and the problems etc.. lets lighten up a bit and get our GROOVE on!! SINGING is a fabulous way to get back to YOUR CENTRE, get grounded, get back to being YOU, and get in touch with YOUR TRUE VOICE.. which is SO important right now...right? 

Maybe you worry that you will sound out of tune, or that someone will think a cat's dying.. but don't worry.. I got you covered.. we do the whole 'cat dying' sounds together in the FB group lives (IF YOU NEED A SERIOUS LAUGH already..) or you can do it in the comfort of your own home / basement / shower / sound-proofed room!!! (or take the downloadable MP3's out on your walk and run and scare the neighbours!!!)..




Maybe you sang when you were  kid but someone told you to shut-up or that you were too loud and you should go to the back / side / out-side.. anywhere but here kind of thing..  or some other crap that made you shut your mouth and stop singing forever? (sad face) 


I'm here to tell YOU that you CAN learn how to SING confidently and in tune! It's really easy when you've got the tools at your fingertips and the support from like-minded kind people on the same journey AND an awesome friendly down to earth teacher like ME!!! (yes I said it)

With the right tools, you can learn how to strengthen and improve your tone, range, breathing, projection and so much more in just a few short weeks. (but you can also take as long as you like - totally up to you possum! once you're in - you're in for 'life') 


SOME OF MY AWESOME singing students in the LIVE FB group say this:


'OMG my daughter wants to learn to beat-box with you!! '

'I ended up singing for hours instead of 15 min… But now I feel good and free and relaxed and am ready for bed  ????'

'I think my voice sounds clearer now somehow. I will always have that "smokey sound" bc that's just the natural colour of my voice, but still, it sounds a bit more clearer now, more defined'

'now I can reach notes that always seemed way too high for me. I am very happy about that change! I still can sing in a low voice, but I got the higher notes'

'Have been having a lovely time meself recently using driving back-n-forth time to do some in car karaoke  ;) Hubster had done a new 'mix tape' and hurrah thanks bud .. perfick mix of stuff meaning can really play around with the different voices and places we can sing from like you say Prita!!!'

'I'm going to start listening on my next run Friday morning'

'Thanks Prita love the live sessions  ???? ????'

' ???? ???? Thanks that definitely helps  ????'

'I sang at the local street fair yesterday with some of the choir, only 14 of us and 4 of us were new. It was a positive experience especially as people stopped to listen and clapped. Still need to do lots more practice and your exercises really help strengthen my voice but I think this was a great achievement for me. Thanks for being inspiring.  ☺ ????xx'

'I loved this ecourse, you are able to have a private lesson with Prita and go back and redo those excercises anytime you want. I am more confident about my voice and enjoying singing. This course is great value and I recommend it to anyone wanting to sing or improve their voice.' 



So, COME AND JOIN US it's so much fun to sing alone but think about how much FUN it could be to sing with all of US too!! Join our lovely online group of friendly peeps learning to sing just like you!!!

 I created this e-course just for YOU so that you can easily study in the comfort and privacy of your own home or you can go shout it from the rooftops!! LALALALALALAA

It's a combination of ALL the things I've learnt about the VOICE over many years of being a professional touring singer songwriter! From over-coming stage-fright, to learning how to breathe properly, voice care, remedies, exercises and warmups, how to break down a song and so much more. I've learnt many tricks and tips from being on the road performing night after night on tour, and ALSO being a SINGING TEACHER for years with kids and adults alike! and I'm ready to share them with YOU!


We do LIVE ZOOM CALLS every week on the LIVE ROUNDS (which you get free access to every time a new live round starts). 

We do warmups together, and learn a new song each week - including how to break it down and all the tools and exercises that will help you with that particular song.

There is a HUGE library of VIDEO exercises already in the vaults for you to ACCESS WHENEVER YOU WANT TO and MP3 DOWNLOADS of all the exercises too so you can download to your phone and listen in and sing-a-long from anywhere - on your morning walk, on your afternoon run, in the car on the way to work, in your bedroom, in the shower.. (ok make sure you put it on speaker phone then..). you get the picture!!
AND if you ever have ANY QUESTIONS you just ask in the group or PM me and I get back to you with which exercises to do for that particular part of the voice! and if it's not already in the Vault I make new videos ALL THE TIME - so it's being constantly updated with FRESH material too!! 




Let's do this! 

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