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10 Year Budget Tracker (2020- 2030)

A unique tracker that tracks your finances and helps you plan until 2030😎.

Amazing thing about the tracker is that it is all automated for you. You just need to simply input your details and budget away. You can use this tracker yourself, with your partner and get your friends or family involved by having their own trackers. Whatever suits you (remember there is power in community).

Active Budgeter's mission is to encourage more open conversations within our community. As we like to say talking about money should not be boring😆!

If we can talk to each other about food, movies, shows, travelling, hair, trainers, cars etc within our social group we should be able to talk about money😁. Imagine a world with everyone having their own budget trackers and growing together 🌎 .

I am sure you are wondering why do you need a budget tracker when you have money apps on your phone to help you budget and invest🤔? Good question! Having a seperate tracker keeps you more accountable to your money and vision goals. Think of it like this, everyday we are on our phones and we need to take some time out to actually  sit down and look at finances in one go 📊rather than dipping in and out of apps. 

All you need to do is dedicate a few minutes to log into your laptop with your favourite drink/music playing in the background 🍵🎵 and start planning away. Once you do this, when you go back to your phone you are using your money apps in a more strategic way that works for you📱.

If at any point of time you do not have access to a laptop, you can also use the tracker on the go all you need to have is the Excel app or Google drive app.

Preview of some of tabs can be found above in the product image section 📸.

Check out the My Money 2030 Tracker tabs below🙂: 

Tab 1 - Power Statement Vision is key here you are able to think and plan your personal life goals that you want to achieve by 2030.

Tab 2Money Goal Breakdown 
Your money needs to serve a purpose so this tab will help you breakdown the purpose behind your top 5 money goals you have set and to specifically state the amount . There is power in being specific!

Tab 3 - Bye to Debt tracker
Use the activity tab to track any debt you have and create a strategic payment plan to pay it off. Any data inputted into the Bye to debt tab cells will be automatically added to the Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 tab. 

Tab 4 (Phase 1 2020 - 2023), Tab 5 (Phase 2 2024 - 2027) and Tab 6 (Phase 3 2028 -2030)
Section that covers 8 active steps of budgeting. Tab has automated formulas to track your actual and planned spends and to help you identify your overspending. Using this tab will encourage you to  distribute your money strategically in different areas. 

Tab 7 - Salary or Business Growth
Market keeps changing so it is important to track your market value so that you get paid your worth. For business owners this is also a way for you to think about how to increase your profits year on year.

Tab 8 - Investment reads and risks personality
Simply keep a track of your investments on one page.

Tab 9 - Investment Hub
Track your investments and growth rates. Please note that it is important to also add the current value of your investments per month in the Net Worth Calculator tab.

Tab 10 - Net Worth Calculator
Net Worth calculated to include your current assets and liabilities listed up until 2030.

Tracker is compatible with Excel and Google sheets.  For any Google users you can simply download and then upload the file into your Google drive.

How is this tracker different from other budget trackers 👀? In short, we do not believe in limiting our budget plans to a year's worth of planning and our unique tailored tabs helps you to think about your money, net worth and life vision.

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Refunds are not offered after purchase.

Once you download, please note that this file is not to be forwarded, reshared or distributed to anyone else after purchase.

We encourage you to share this page  to anyone who would find this tracker useful, so that they can also download 😀.

Happy Budgeting!

© 2021 Active Budgeter No responsibility will be taken on any financial decisions that you have made and we can not accept liability for any negative financial outcomes.

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