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The Art Of Loneliness - An Essay

An essay exploring love, romance, wounds, and loneliness.

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"Loneliness has returned and its often-gentle, but mostly constant ache—present and full in my body, yet empty like a little hole in my heart—is growing in my soul. It’s dense and magnetic, colouring the little-nuanced qualities of my many daily moments alone. Every so often, it collects into a full emotional immersion and becomes my whole world.

Of course, being lonely isn’t new—I know it well—and it isn’t as though loneliness and I have been estranged long enough for my mind to forget the intricate solemnities of its presence. It’s just that recently it has emerged with a nostalgia for that magical call to love, a call that once embodied my will and way in the world. This call is born of an aspect of myself that I put away two years ago; an aspect I had all but considered dead and thankfully buried beneath time and hard lessons. Yet, here it is again. Loneliness is asking me to remember that deep eros, as if to put back on an arm I had almost forgotten I couldn’t get by without.

But there is a reason I put it away so long ago.
The story goes like this…"

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