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FS Playground

FS Playground is a companion utility to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020. At present, is serves as:

A replay system. You can now enjoy that rough landing from any angle you want as many times as you want.
A landing rating system. Combined with the position memory system (see below), the perfect training system.
A way to move anywhere in the world (without exiting to the main menu) from saved locations or airport IDs.
Copy/Paste positions right in fs as well as web integrations with fspg:// URIs
A position “librarian” where you can compile sets of interesting positions and save them or share them.
A weather search system to find interesting weather worldwide and teleport there
Force feedback operation for supported joysticks (Microsoft’s Force Feedback 2 at present).
As of February 2021, the program is still in public beta with a long list of more options and refinements scheduled for the coming up versions.

- Because of the nature of the licensing, no refunds are offered.
- The application is still in beta testing. Minor issues may be encountered.
- The price will be finalized once we exit beta/preorder phase.
- After checkout you will get a license key and a download link (These details will be also e-mailed to you).
- You will need internet connectivity to activate the software.
- After checkout and activation request, please allow a few minutes for license generation.
- Support and updates are provided through
- Some antvirus settings prevent the installer from running.
- Windows 10 are required (version 1909 and later).
- The application is licensed for personal use only. Commercial use is not covered by this license.
- You can contact us for any inquiries on
- You only need to install the latest of the two setups.
- You must enter the license number with the dashes eg  FDSJU-JSPO8-98HTR-PDBT5

You will get the following files:

  • ZIP (80MB)
  • ZIP (80MB)

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