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FS Playground

Flight simulation playground – When flying is fun

Who we are

FS Simulation enthusiasts for many years…

Software developers for as many.

Software utilities for the FS has been a passion of ours.

The first (publicly available) utility for flying in Vatsim with X-plane was done with X-Connect – one of our FS utilities.

FsRegen was another, providing scenery and airplane tools and utilizing the (at the time) new g-max, the little 3D Studio Max that changed FS design for ever.

The latest addition to the FS scene, brings one internal, never released before utility to the foreground. The breathtaking world in our simulations is crying for a replay system. And a position library system to go with it. So many places to see, share and save for later reference.

Force-Feedback joysticks is a freeby, because why not ?

We are Team NVG.