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Incontri in Sicilia (A2) - Short Story in Simple Italian for Beginners and Intermediate Learners [🎧 SLOW AUDIO included]

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  • BITE-SIZED CHAPTERS: Dive into each love story within minutes. The vocabulary and grammar used are optimized for all intermediate learners.
  • BILINGUAL WORDLIST: Learn the most common words and verbs to be used for your flashcards.
  • INSIGHTS ON COMMON MISTAKES: Written with the most recurring mistakes Italian beginners and intermediate learners make in my classes in mind.
  • SPEAKING PROMPTS: Enhance your spoken Italian skills, whether alone or with your tutor.
  • CULTURAL INSIGHTS ABOUT SICILY: Gain insights into some of the most picturesque villages in Sicily, and get ready for your next trip to Italy.
  • REALISTIC ADULT STORIES:  Learn real-life dialogues and common idiomatic expressions to enhance your natural Italian-speaking abilities.

The plot 

Fiona is a young American who is traveling to Sicily in order to obtain her dual citizenship through her great-grandparent. While visiting the small picturesque village of Montalbano Elicona, where her ancestors came from, she makes new friends... and not only that.

This short novel in Italian has been designed and optimized by a teacher of Italian with over 10 years of teaching experience, specialized in teaching adult Italian language learners.

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