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A comprehensive 4-week guided online program offering you the spiritual insights, clarity, and tools so you can reclaim your INNER POWER and begin to move forward and make massive shifts in your life.

If you’re ready to discover the hidden potential and spiritual faculties that are already within you, let go of that which no longer serves you, and align with your higher purpose and timeline…then join us!

Spirituality 101: Spiritual Foundations to Embody Inner Stillness

Designed for those who have the desire to know and understand themselves and others on a deeper level and are ready to experience and integrate the potential of spiritual awareness!

Sound Familiar?

  • You find yourself repeating past experiences and habits over and over again, despite your attempts to make positive change in your life

  • You feel like you’re at the mercy of circumstances, of negative emotion…but sense there has to be a way to reclaim your power!

  • You have a longing to understand and really know your authentic, spiritual self on a deeper level-wanting to shift beyond theory to direct spiritual experience…but unsure that it’s even possible.

  • Not knowing how or where to start, the idea of practical spirituality, enlightenment, seems daunting. But is that really true?

  • You find yourself feeling disappointed and frustrated, wondering what the bigger purpose is to everything? What am I missing?

  • You believe that somehow something has to be added to you…what is the missing key?

  • You’ve tried to move forward, and make positive changes in your life, but your progress keeps getting blocked! What is the missing key?

“Awareness is everything. I mean that literally. Awareness is what brings the hidden to the surface, the unknown to become known.”

-Jiulio Consiglio

Becoming aware of the spiritual dimension within you means:

  • You’re no longer swimming against the current, sweating the little things or making mountains out of molehills. Instead you are flowing, allowing potential and possibility to unfold as you expand your awareness.


  • You are no longer attached to past or future outcomes. No longer at the mercy of past triggers or getting caught up in future wishful thinking. Instead, YOU are calling forth your reality -your highest timeline - through the present.


  • Being aligned with your inner knowing and clarity beyond the thinking mind. You experience higher, and expanded levels of awareness. through intention and letting go.


  • You’re unchained from seeing life through the repetitive past. You live in the present moment without fear and circumstances no longer hold meaning save the meaning YOU apply to them.


  • You understand nothing has to be added to you because you’ve realized you’re already whole, and complete. You let go of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage and reclaim your spiritual identity, wisdom and clarity that expresses through the soul.


  • You’re able to shift and transmute personal suffering, frustrations, and disappointments. You re-awaken, and come back into balance, into the present moment.


  • You have become unstuck, and know how to utilize the spiritual tools you already possess. You live a more empowered, and intentional life, feeling the freedom of being fearless, anchored in your authentic self.

Spirituality 101: Spiritual Foundations to Embody Inner Stillness

A comprehensive 4-week guided online program offering you the spiritual insights, clarity, and tools so you can reclaim your inner power and begin to move forward and make massive shifts in your life.

Are you ready to take that step into practical spirituality and higher states of awareness?

I’ve created a guided online program filled with the necessary spiritual insights, tools, and strategies that will assist you in laying the spiritual foundation required to shift you into a more aware, and empowered state so that you can move forward and manifest your destiny with greater confidence and intention.

Hi, I'm Jiulio

Between the ages of 19 and 33, I endured profound personal suffering, anxiety, and depression along with many other challenges that led me to create within myself a white-hot desire to know, and understand why things happen to us, and what are the forces or hidden mechanics to life. In essence, I wanted answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

In the fall of 2005, after experiencing what I have described as a lifetime of pain, I experienced a profound spiritual transformation that gave me the clarity, wisdom, and understanding that I so much desired.

In a moment of clarity, I understood that what I was searching for, for all those years was within me-and it was the direct experience of inner stillness-the soul or spiritual self.

During the first month of my inner transformation, I shed accumulated emotional layers, forgave, let go, and released that which no longer served me. And in doing so, I opened the door to experiencing a higher or expanded state of awareness, stillness.

Within the first month of my awakening, I held my first speaking engagement. And before the end of the year, wrote my first book, Challenge Your Thoughts. Since then, I have helped and guided individuals and groups through my 1:1 teachings and workshops, make positive, and massive shifts in their lives.

I have since gone on to write The Healing Frequency, Open Your Third Eye, Cosmic Contact, and my latest work releases in the fall of 2023, Finding Your Calm.

Understanding the current turbulent times humanity is currently facing, I was called to create this comprehensive, foundational and practical program for you now.

Spirituality 101: Spiritual Foundations to Embody Inner Stillness

A comprehensive online foundational spiritual program that cuts through the fallacies surrounding practical spirituality, with step-by-step approaches, insights, and tools, to empower you to live more consciously and fearlessly.

A sound decision for the spiritual seeker who feels there is greater potential within themselves, and is ready to unlock it through greater awareness and understanding.

What Will be Made Tangible in This Comprehensive, Guided 4-Week Online Program:

Session 1: Spiritual Foundations-Understanding our Human Conditioning:

This is ground floor spiritual work. To understand ourselves deeply, and others, we need to shed light on the darkness and limiting features of our human conditioning: how it operates and perpetuates itself, and how it can be seen differently, through awareness.

New perspectives will be offered, allowing you to see the ego, the thinking mind, through greater clarity, shifting it from being the source of suffering to a reminder and catalyst to awakening. The dreaming state of consciousness will be discussed, lifting the veil, and revealing the thinking mind’s inner workings, without judgement, as the egoic mind is a necessary step in one’s personal evolution. A look at third (3D), fourth (4D), and fifth (5D) dimensional consciousness will allow you to see, and recognize how you move between these different states throughout the day.

Session 2: Your Spiritual Nature:

The focus of this powerful class will be on who and what you are beyond the physical body and thinking mind. The soul, the silent witness, and how to reconnect with it, will be presented and outlined. The power of awareness, the present moment, and the practice of awakening throughout the day will be topics of discussion.

A deeper look at how our emotions and the distractions of the world have brought our attention outward, away from center, and blanketed the dimension of inner stillness will be shared. Meditation will be shown not to be a daunting task, but a tool to assist you in bringing Presence to your daily moments. Fifth dimensional awareness, or inner stillness, the soul’s reflection, will be the focus here as your guiding compass.

Session 3: The Nature of Reality:

Looking at the inner and outer worlds with a new perspective, the spiritual world that surrounds us is revealed-a new earth. This transformative session focuses on the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. Synchronicity, and how to flow with life, rather than resist it, will be discussed.

Here, we lift the veil, and discuss oneness-how the spiritual and material are not separate. Insights will be offered to look at circumstances, and life itself, through a new perspective, as things that are not concrete, but malleable-to our outlook, thoughts, emotions, and vibrational frequency. Parallel realities within the unseen spiritual world, or quantum field, will further reveal the fluidity of our material reality.

Session 4: Spiritual Tools & Strategies:

This empowering lesson includes the basics of how to diffuse negativity/fear, challenge negative thinking, release attachments through guided meditation, and how to think, speak, energetically vibrate, and take action on a conscious level to make powerful, positive shifts in your life.

The power of intention, of choosing and aligning with your higher timeline will be included. How to overcome self-sabotage through inner awareness, the releasing power of forgiveness, and create inner balance will give you the keys to allow the authentic, spiritual self to express through you, opening the door to insights, answers, and the clarity it offers so that you can move forward in life with greater confidence.

"You’re receiving the keys to the hidden mechanics of life, insights that took me years to finally realize and implement that not only transformed my life, but allowed me to quantum leap into my highest timeline."

Plus, These BONUS Resources to Support You:

  • Free on-line course - 30 Days of Contemplation by Jiulio Consiglio
  • Access to Private FB Online Group for Connection & Support
  • Top Ten Spiritual Reminders E-Book

What You Get!

Four Online Sessions over the course of four weeks ($450)

  1. Lesson 1: Spiritual Foundations-Understanding our Human Conditioning
  2. Lesson 2: Your Spiritual Nature
  3. Lesson 3: The Nature of Reality
  4. Lesson 4: Spiritual Tools & Strategies

  • Bonus 1 - 30 Days of Contemplation on-line course ($50)
  • Bonus 2 - Access to Private FB Online Group for Connection & Support (Priceless)
  • Bonus 3 - Top Ten Spiritual Reminders E-Book ($25)

Regular Price: $525


Your price only...

Spirituality 101: Spiritual Foundations to Embody Inner Stillness On-line Course w/ Jiulio Consiglio



Why Postpone Any Longer?

If you desire to Understand, Get Unstuck, and make Real and Lasting Change in your life, then this program is for you!

The reality surrounding practical, direct spirituality is this: it’s been watered down for ever, and continues to be. The majority of the teachings that are being put out there are surface level, when the truth is, one has to go deep within, look inside, and bring to light that which has been operating in the shadows-the egoic or false self. In other words, positive thinking, and affirmations are not enough. You have to vibrate, embody your spiritual self to make lasting change a reality.


This world has been set up as one big distraction, and there’s perfection in that, but so has surface-level spirituality. The true goal of spirituality is not to attain, but to become. Seek to become first, align with the highest self, so you can tune into the vision for your life, and highest timeline, thereby allowing, without resistance, that which you desire to manifest. Become first, then express that beingness to doingness. In other words, know how to take conscious action, on all levels, to merge your dreams with this reality.


There is no time like the present, NOW, to get started! There is a lot of change and upheaval going on in the world; uncertainty, and fear. Everyone of us has an important role to play, and an opportunity to assist in the ushering in of a new earth. We are witnessing in real-time, old systems crumble, and people are quickly realizing the futility in embracing old, limiting beliefs, and the idea of separation between each other, and Source.


You can let go of the past, and trust in a future, when you anchor yourself and become deeply aware of the present moment. What was once the source of one’s suffering, and feeling stuck, (the bouncing between the past and future) can become contrast to your light, observable perspectives, and options to choose from, rather than sources of sadness or fear.


Humanity is calling for a more empowered and authentic you, and this program will assist you in coming back to center, to your powerful, spiritual self.

“The present moment is all there ever is. The past only arrived in the now. And the future only ever arrives in the moment. Understanding this, we can free ourselves from repetitive negative cycles and open ourselves up to potential and possibility.”


-Jiulio Consiglio

Four Online Classes

Lesson 1: Spiritual Foundations-Understanding our Human Conditioning

Lesson 2: Your Spiritual Nature

Lesson 3: The Nature of Reality

Lesson 4: Spiritual Tools & Strategies

  • Bonus 1 - 30 Days of Contemplation on-line course ($50)
  • Bonus 2 - Access to Private FB Online Group for Connection & Support (Priceless)
  • Bonus 3 - Top Ten Spiritual Reminders E-Book ($25)


Regular Price: $525 USD


Your Price!

Spirituality 101: Spiritual Foundations to Embody Inner Stillness On-line Course w/ Jiulio Consiglio


What people are saying about Spirituality 101!

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Jiulio's course has helped me immensely get through a very tough time in my life at the moment. The tools taught to bring me back to the moment and not get so attached to my emotions and others emotions even more so. Without this work I feel like I'd be falling a part a bit. So huge thank you.

— Tanya S.

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I would recommend this course to anyone who has a mind and would like to understand how to use it more effectively. Very practical course from which I was able to apply the lessons immediately. Thank you!

— N.M.

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Taking the course empowered me to experience more inner calm, peace, and I'm able to connect more often to my vital force. Additionally, the course provided rich and inspiring content, insight and clarity to move along on my spiritual journey.

— Rita G.