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Primary Science Ebook - Materials ( Part 2)

Materials is the proprietary of myfrontestore. It is a downloadable E-resource guide especially curated for children of grades 3 to 5 (ages 9 to 11). It is a rich media filled with illustrations designed to pique the interest of the reader. It consists of two parts- Part 1 and Part 2. 

Part 1 of Materials deals with the ever-growing assortment of materials in our lives - be it natural or artificial, that are being employed today to construct everyday objects such as your cell phones, computers and household products. Much thought and research go into making the right product by employing the most cost-effective raw materials and manufacturing process.
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Part 2 of Materials deals with the characteristics of the common raw materials being used today. These properties are being probed at the microscopic level in what is now termed as nano-materials. Having a sound understanding of these properties will lead to better use of the materials under various conditions. This will, in turn, lead us to manufacture the right product that can better serve us under these extreme conditions without losing its efficacy.

Fancy finding a material that will one day take us to the Sun or even withstand the extreme and harshest conditions on Earth? Well, read on to find out more! 

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