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Dorothy Wheelchair Foot Tickle Therapy (1920 X 1080 HD)

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(English) Dorothy wheels into the famous alternative foot treatment clinic looking for relief for her bad foot, she can't even put pressure on it anymore, can barely keep a sneaker on for more than a few hours and needs a wheelchair to get around. So, this clinic is her last hope. The doctor starts with the patented tickle therapy, starting with light one finger tickling and graduating to more intense all-in finger tickling on Dorothy's tender sole and alternating once again to slow tickling. Dorothy was not aware what to expect and being *EXTREMELY* ticklish she can't even watch much of her treatment and she squirms in the wheelchair while her foot is relentlessly tickled. She the doctor gets to tickling Dorothy's sensitive toes she curls them tightly and looks tries not to look but the doctor makes sure she is thorough and gets her fingers in and between Dorothy’s ticklish toes. The doctor looks a bit too much like she is enjoying herself! At the end of the treatment poor Dorothy can't get out of there soon enough, she takes her foot back, covers it from further tickling and literally jumps out of her wheelchair and out of the office leaving it behind. It looks like the treatment worked!

LENGTH: 15 Mins
SIZE: 1008 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 03/21/22

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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