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GPS Tracks - The Grand Norwegian Roadtrip

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Are you ready for your Grand Norwegian Roadtrip?

This is the route we took on our 10-week journey through Norway. In total, we traveled 14,000 km in 72 days.

By placing this order, you will receive our exact route in gpx format. 

To display the route, go to, click on 'Explore the Map', then 'Import Data', and select the file. This will show you our entire track, which you can use for your own planning.

Please note, that this track cannot be used for navigational purposes as we did some editing in retrospect. 

Also note, that the map does not differentiate between tarred roads, offroad tracks, and hiking trails, so you will have to do some research as to what is what. If in doubt, you can purchase our Norway Itinerary Guide, which lists out all those details (and has this GPS track included). 

These tracks are included in our Norway Itinerary Guide!
If you are interested in both our Norway Itinerary Guide and these GPS tracks, only purchase the former. These tracks are part of the guide, so you do not have to buy both :)

If you encounter any problems or have questions, please drop an email to
You will get a GPX (17MB) file
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