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Norway Itinerary Guide - The Grand Norwegian Roadtrip

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Are you ready for your Grand Norwegian Roadtrip?

Then this Norway Itinerary Guide is for you!

This eBook summarizes the best of what Norway offers in a compact travel guide format. We provide you with the names of the sights to visit, which roads to drive, which hikes to do, descriptions of what to expect, as well as the exact GPS coordinates, so you know how to get there.

Additionally, we provide you with more than 60 wilderness campsites all around Norway. This will save you hundreds of dollars of campground fees!

Throughout your journey, you will explore all of Norway, from Kap Lindesnes in the far south to the Nordkapp in the far north - and everything in between. Drive more than 14,000 km in ten weeks, and experience many unforgettable adventures on this Grand Norwegian Roadtrip.

Key stats of the itinerary:
Duration: 72 days
Distance: 14,087 km
Ferries: 22
Tunnels: 557
Accommodation Cost: 0 Euro

Details of the guide: 
  • 184 pages
  • 72-day itinerary
  • 110 photos
  • Tips & tricks
  • Useful apps
  • GPS route in gpx format (not for navigation!)
This eBook is not a traditional travel guide. You won't find the backstory to every church, the description of every village, or any recommendations of where to eat. If you are looking to embark on an adventurous self-drive road trip, exploring the wilderness of Norway - then you found your guide!

Please note that this is an eBook. A printed version is not for sale.

Please also note that we do not divulge our wilderness campsites in Dovrefjell National Park and Femundsmarka National Park. This is to protect the sensitive flora and avoid overuse of the sites.

If you are solely interested in our GPS Track, you can purchase that here:

If you encounter any problems, please drop an email to
You will get a PDF (55MB) file
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