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Conscious Control Vol. 2 No. 2

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Conscious Control Vol. 2 No. 2

80 pages. December 2008.



 ‘Unmisted by love or dislike’ by Claire Rechnitzer (pp. 5-20).

‘On learning and teaching the F. M. Alexander Technique’ by Kathleen Ballard (1989 F. M. Alexander Memorial Lecture) (pp. 21-40).

‘Statistical evidence that the beneficial effect of learning and applying the Alexander Technique is generic’ by Chloe Stallibrass (pp. 41-53).

Poems: ‘Gravity’s Law’ by Rainer Maria Rilke and ‘Quintessence’ by anonymous (pp. 54-55).

‘Elisabeth Walker – A portrait of a life with the Alexander Technique’ by Jean M. O. Fischer (pp. 56-66).

Book review: ‘The Mind and the Brain’ by Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Sharon Begley – Reviewed by Jean M. O. Fischer (pp. 67-76).

‘Behind the chair – Jeeves and Wooster go 'Right Ho!' with Alexander’ (pp.77-80).


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