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Conscious Control Vol. 2 No. 1

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Conscious Control Vol. 2 No. 1

96 pages. April 2008.



‘Sailing your own ship’ by Shelagh Aitken (pp. 6-19).

‘Forward and up at fifty’ by Carla Aitkinson (pp. 20-30).

‘Letting it happen’ by Mary Holland (2004 F. M. Alexander Memorial Lecture) (pp. 31-42).

‘Alexander’s terminological maze’ by Peter Ribeaux (pp. 43-53).

‘Tests of principle in physical education’ by George L. Trevelyan (pp. 54-69).

‘Jeanne Day – A portrait of a life with the Alexander Technique’ by Jean M. O. Fischer (pp. 70-80).

Book review: ‘The Future of Alexander Technique Teacher Education’ by Terry Fitzgerald – Reviewed by Jean M. O. Fischer (pp. 81-91).

Letters: The origin of semi-supine – Factual directions – Teaching in Weymouth College (pp. 92-95).

‘Behind the chair – Hero of the beach’ (p. 96).


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