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MH370: Mystery Solved (audiobook)

This audiobook, by a veteran air crash investigator, finally explains what really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

On March 8th, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, with 239 people on board, disappeared into the dark of the night, never to be heard from again. The disappearance of MH370 has been described as the “greatest mystery in the history of aviation”. Despite the efforts of an international investigation team, and millions of dollars spent searching the ocean bottom, the wreckage was not found. This book explains why.

Three professional accident investigators, each with decades of real-world experience in crash dynamics, examined the available evidence. The results of their work reveal the actual sequence of events, and what really happened to MH370.

You will be guided through a basic investigation and analysis process to show what caused MH370 to disappear from radar, and to fly on an unexplained and mysterious track that led to the southern Indian Ocean. You will also discover a framework where theories that are based on speculation and guesswork can be invalidated.

With this book, the mystery of MH370 has been solved.

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