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What is the Aura and How to Protect It

By Radhicka S Saxena
Ever had a series of unfortunate events happen in your life which you just couldn’t control?

Did you fall sick, not make enough money or had a string of unlucky events come your way?

Well, such ill fate doesn’t always come about by chance. Did you ever think that it could be an intentional attack?

Chances are high that you did not.

Even in today’s world, paranormal and mystic forces exist. There are people who attack your soul and energy field. This can turn around events in your life and even your good luck. Such attacks will make everything in your life tough, demanding, cheerless and distressing.

But it is possible to ward off these attacks and one way to protect yourself from them is to strengthen and safeguard the aura.

Aura is the bio-energy field around the physical body that gives you power and has the ability to influence events in your life. It can be protected in many ways. You just have to practice and implement a few of the methods listed in this ebook to find out how it can be defended.

What you Can Learn from this Book

? What is the aura and how it can be protected

? How to cleanse and structure the aura

? How to strengthen and energize the aura

? How is the aura attacked and signs that tell it is being assaulted

? What happens when the aura is penetrated

? Techniques to guard against assaults on the aura

? Benefits of making an effort to protect the aura

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