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Are you looking for some places to sell your eBooks online? Well, you're in mega luck! Check out these 8 amazing eBook selling platforms just waiting for you!

You know what?

One of the greatest achievements you can bestow upon yourself as a blogger or entrepreneur is writing and publishing your first eBook.

Yeah, OK, maybe becoming a New York Times Bestseller might be the greatest achievement for most, but, a successfully published eBook can mean big business too.

You feel an even greater sense of achievement when you eventually get to make your first sale.

If you've experienced your first eBook sale already, then you know the feeling I'm talking about, right?

It's just amazing, and it makes you want to kick some ass and create a few more great eBooks to sell online!

If you've just finished writing your first eBook, huge congratulations to you, really, I applaud you.

I know how much time and effort goes into creating an eBook, especially if you've created it completely from scratch all by yourself, so, give yourself an extra pat on the back from me.

At present, I have just one eBook available for sale via my blog. Well, it's more of a workbook actually.

Over the years, I think I must have started to write around a dozen or so eBooks, however, most of them have just ended up sitting on my hard drive doing nothing, or just waiting to be sent to the trash folder!

I'm quite critical about the stuff I write, can you relate to that?

Are you ready to sell your eBook online?
When it comes to promoting and selling eBooks online, we've never had it better or easier.

I guess that's why so many bloggers and entrepreneurs are doing so great with their eBook writing and publishing right now.

Just cast your mind back to 5 or maybe 10 years ago. There weren't really many great places to sell your eBooks on the web, even though eBooks were just starting to get popular.

Giving it away on your blog or your website as an incentive was just about the simplest thing you could do, and it still is today.

However, you want to sell your eBook, right? You want to make some money from your eBooks! Of course, you do.

Thankfully, today there are dozens of great platforms on the internet where you can sell your digital books and make money.

So, without further ado, in this post, I want to share with you 8 of those beautiful platforms.

Pick a couple of them below and start selling your eBooks now.

8 amazing websites to sell your eBook on
Payhip is the site that I'm currently using myself to host and sell my eBook on.

The site allows me to not only host my eBooks but to also create promotional campaigns using their lovely promo tools.

I can also create affiliates and get other bloggers and marketers to promote and sell my eBooks for me, whilst they earn a commission for themselves.

Payment is conveniently handled through PayPal, and the company takes only 5% commission on each eBook sale I make.

There are no setup fees, no monthly fees, or even hosting fees to concern myself with.

Another big plus point with Payhip is that they also report and pay EU VAT on my behalf.

I would highly recommend checking them out to sell your eBook on.

To date, Payhip as helped me to make nearly $900 from selling one eBook! Pretty neat.

You can read my review of Payhip here.
I've never personally used Selz to sell eBooks on, however, I have purchased eBooks through them many times in the past.

A couple of friends of mine do quite well with Selz too.

Selz is much more than just a place to host and sell your eBooks on. The site provides authors with a complete eCommerce solution, plus marketing tools and resources.

Here's what you get -

Monthly fees start from just $17 per month for a Lite plan, and there's also a Standard & Pro plan to choose from.

In addition, the company only takes a 2% transaction fee, as well as a small processing fee.


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