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Diana LLWC - Fresh Plaster going to a meet in airport Square

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Diana flew to São Paulo to attend business meetings...

Shortly after entering the hotel, he went to lunch and broke his leg.

Now that the private doctor has applied the cast and left, Diana has rested.

The next morning she goes to change clothes and finds that she will have to go with her entire leg in plaster to a business meeting in a famous square at the airport in São Paulo.

This entire second chapter has a total of more than 41 minutes of the scene from her getting up, doing clothes changes, choosing a really nice high heel sandal to impress the dealer.

She leaves the hotel in the second where she still cannot support her broken leg at all, as her fracture was severe and has to calcify.

She uses crutches since leaving the hotel, where the consierge asks what happened if it was something serious, and goes to access ramps for the disabled and goes with all her difficulty and pain out of the hotel and calls an Uber.

When arriving at the square, there is a whole difficulty from getting out of the car, crossing a very busy street, and she, with her crutches and her sexy way of walking, slowly crosses and arrives at the square.

A giant square where you can rest for a while and wait for the dealer.

She draws a lot of attention for both her beauty and her exotic cast.

Make a successful meeting.

She walks to a diner out front where the waiter helps her with everything from sitting down to getting up to leave.

It's 41 minutes of many natural and special scenes.

Video contains footage from:

- change of sexy clothes

- choice of high heels

- scenes in the bathroom

- leaving the hotel on crutches

- crossing the street

- going to a beautiful public square

- exhibitionism

- scene enjoying her foot and her cast.

- going to the cafeteria and receiving help.

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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