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The old gods will rise. Humanity will fall.

Ben Henare has forsaken his Maori heritage: choosing the modern world over a life following the old ways. His best friend, Lucy Champion, is a woman of logic: training to become a doctor, she believes only in science. Neither of them has room in their lives for the fantastic, the unexplained, or the supernatural.

But when a tsunami floods their city, killing Lucy’s parents and endangering Ben’s people, their beliefs must change. The tsunami has awakened powers, ancient and deadly. The old gods have risen.

Long have they watched people’s abuse of each other and the natural world; at last the gods have had enough. They will protect the world… by destroying all humankind.

Now, Ben and Lucy have only days left. To fight their way across a country shattered by devastation. To protect the magic artifacts now entrusted to their care. And to deliver those artifacts to the gods themselves: offerings that might — just might — appease the powers of destruction.

Pursued by human traffickers who have kidnapped Lucy’s sister, hunted by the gods’ warrior spirits and supernatural assassins, Ben and Lucy must forget all they know, and sacrifice everything they love to protect their country from the greatest threat ever known: the wrath of the Risen Gods.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn teams up with acclaimed dark fantasy author J. Thorn to bring you a thrilling adventure. Mixing the Maori mythology of Aotearoa/New Zealand, supernatural thriller, and high-stakes suspense into an adventure you don’t want to miss, Risen Gods will take you to places you’ve never dreamed. Get your copy today!

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