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How to find a husband via the Internet? But still I am a strong link: this happiness is given to me!

So, your search for a husband over the Internet was crowned with any success — and now you are already on the first date in a cafe. What should your behavior be?


    Natural and yet not vulgar. You must be internally liberated, interested, and have a benevolent attitude toward the other person. If you are still a little shy, then you will be able to communicate via video communication, many people use the video chat app for this, as it helps to really get to know a person better than in correspondence. Returning to the date, a good meal and a glass of wine contribute to a pleasant pastime and make a person condescending to the shortcomings of the vis-a-vis. If you are hungry after work, order a dish that you know like the back of your hand and enjoy it. Do not take a Cup of coffee to waste it for an hour and a half, struggling with a painful feeling of hunger, for fear of introducing it into unnecessary expenses or for fear of not pleasing your healthy appetite.

    Both are actually not a problem at all. Just in such cases, be prepared to offer to share the costs. Attention! Do not pay for yourself after the business analysis of the General check, namely, split the bill in half! It doesn't matter that your salad cost half as much as his steak. You can always tell from your partner's reaction (even if for some reason it passed you by in the process of correspondence) whether you are dealing with an adherent of the Patriarchy, a macho or an advanced unisex who does not think of another life at all, how everyone is equal, everyone has the same rights, etc. Offer to split the bill sincerely, without mocking or insisting, but in a friendly and passing way. And draw conclusions that you will be in the diachrony of living together, in synchrony you will at least not remain hungry, which is already good.


    What to talk about at the table and how to avoid the first awkwardness? First, speak "You". This always mobilizes both and helps to maintain a certain distance, and therefore, the framework of decency. Second, use your knowledge of it from correspondence as baggage. Unless, of course, he is ahead of you in this. If the tone is set by him, then you will have to answer and tell about yourself. It's not scary. What you think about yourself is important here. If you suffer from the consciousness that attempts to find a husband on the Internet are humiliating, terrible, and generally worse than ever, then it is these thoughts that the vis-a-vis will subconsciously read. And for this alone, he will take every possible revenge. For if you consider yourself a failure, you have just put him in the same category. How else did you end up in the same submarine together? If you treat your fate as a Mature choice of an adult, as a happy opportunity to get to know an interesting person, meet and make friends with someone outstanding, then soon your counterpart will be almost sure that he is just such a talent. Tell the sparkling truth about yourself, without getting lost from questions: "How is such a beautiful and still not married or already divorced?"In order to sound convincing, try first to answer these questions intelligibly, without falling into a fair criticism of the opposite sex or derogatory self-flagellation. Look for objective reasons.

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