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Lovefool (Part 1), mobi

By Anna Brakoniecka
Amalia Angellinni Lovefool, Book review by Roland

Yes, I know, I should be deeply ashamed of myself, and at first I wanted just to support my girlfriend, who was very fascinated by this book. She was crazy about it and I wanted to know what she was fascinated about and she suggested reading Lovefool. So I started and I thought it is another Twilight-wannabe fever. Instead, it was just the beginning of a fancy journey to Poland (that I don’t know) and into an amazing world of Julian’s family. I was intrigued by the concept of this book.

I like finding new authors and my girlfriend said that Amalia Angellinni is a student from Italy and I am a student myself, so I wanted to discover what a person in my age could bring into literature. I know that it will be a #1 bestseller soon, because it is so good. It is one of my favourite book on my book list (not because of this whole love story, but because of the fascinating concept of Julian).

The story is about a girl named Mia (Emilia) Kowalska. Her name is the most average name in Poland. She moves from city to city every year, because of her past. She lives only with her grandmother, because her parents were murdered in suspicious circumstances. There seems not to be any further family members except Aunt Renata.

Mia doesn’t make friends, because she doesn’t want to involve further people in her history and she has a bad feeling that her history will catch her one day one more time. Because she wants to help her grandmother, she has to work (even illegal) and through her job, she meets Sebastian. He is a human and their relationship is developing in a normal way. They learn each other better and better, their connection becomes deeper and deeper. Up to now, nothing new and a normal development between girls and boys. Sebastian looks at her as at a weak, shy girl and he has no clue about Mia’s history and changes in her life. Here, you can naturally follow every emotion of them both, because everyone was already in love and was shy, insecure of own feelings and the entire situation.

In the meanwhile the most interesting character appears. It’s the local enigma Julian. We don’t know his entire name. He is a being that catches attraction and attendance of every human being. He seems to be a person that is reliable, trustworthy and very, very attractive.

Only Mia notices that he is not like everyone else she knows. As the two start to fall in love with one another, it’s not a step by step development but a jump from Salto Angel as Amalia Angellinni describes it. Mia and Julian try not to act much and at first they fight against own curiosity and interest to step forward, because they are insecure of feeling of another side. Because of a coincidence Mia and Julian meet once more and they know how difficult their situation is. They don’t want to show their real positions, because every one of them has own secret that has to be protect. Mia is in danger because of a being from her past (Jonas) and Julian is not a human. They worlds collide.

As a whole, Amalia Angellinni’s writing style is very easy to read, although there are many very poetic phrases. Sometimes I had the impression that I read a poem, and some words connections are very beautiful. My girlfriend likes, when I try to quote some sentences, because it is very romantic. Angellinni describes sometimes very detailed some chosen things, people or places, but it doesn’t disturb the action. It makes it even more interesting. On another hand, she lefts many free spaces, because people, who are in love, don’t percept the whole surrounding, but just chosen parts of it. That is the reason why I could read this book so fluently. Although it has over 300 pages, Angellinni keeps the story flowing fluently. You never feel like she is throwing something into the story just to add on a few pages. After Twilight I wished more action in the book and I got it. It’s not only because of Jonas, already Mia’s passion to run brings dynamics and movements. Just for guys: a great Ford Mustang from 1968. this is a car of my dreams and already knowing that Julian drives it, makes me go crazy.

As I already noticed, the book doesn’t allow you to foresee the end. Actually, you think, you know the end and then you are just flabbergasted. It’s like Stephen King, where you don’t know how the story ends until it ends. Amalia Angellinni let reader following some well-known conceptions from the beginning, but then you notice that she plays with you. At first, she creates Julian and his family. They are special beings and you have no idea what to expect from them. They are no vampires or creatures that you already know from Twilight or Harry Potter or even Tolkien’s world of hobbits and fantasy creatures. Amalia Angellinni presents a new kind of superhero. I am still flabbergasted by her conceptions. Then, the author makes the second almost impossible thing and you finished reading the book and you think: “Oh Yeah! I totally get that now!” and then you think: “Oh No! I want more! Where is the rest?”, because one complete puzzle is a beginning of a new puzzle. That is very rarely by female writers. I am still curious how Amalia Angellinni wants to lead her story further, because I have no clue what to expect! She’s even better than Stephen King right now! It keeps my interest.

If you look for an interesting book, I would say read it. This could be a perfect present for coming X-Mas as well. All the girls you know will be appreciate for such a book and you can easily talk with guys about it without feeling of being ashamed. Guys can talk about great conceptions (Julian!), too. What I liked was the action that kept me reading until I finished.

My girlfriend liked Lovefool’s soundtrack. I found some new songs I didn’t know and the mix is very interesting. Everyone finds something to love. Finally, it is indeed a love story, but being a lovefool plays here a crucial role. I found some part of me there (yes, we, guys, are sometimes insecure as well). The tile suits perfectly to the book content.

What I have to underline is the fact that my girlfriend got a special postcard from Amalia Angellinni. My girlfriend was one of the first persons, who bought this book and it was a very nice gesture from the author to thank personally for it. We chatted with Amalia Angellinni on Facebook and it was a great experience, too. She didn’t give away how the story goes. It was very nice to let her to know (at least a little bit). It was interesting to hear (read) how she came to publishing her book and how much luck she had that she found out such great team at Scholar-Online. In my opinion, this is a real European attitude: to help each other as far as we can.

In the end: through this book I have new topics to talk with my girlfriend and still something to wait for. After waiting for Lord of the Rings and then Harry Potter series, I patiently wait for Lovefool saga to keep the puzzles together.

Due to the Lovefool’s anniversary – yes, we published the first part of the book already THREE years ago. Since then, we got so many great book reviews from the entire world! It’s a great adventure to see how the entire work related to preparing the publishing, making the book publically and getting the feedback…

Additionally, we start the new Lovefool’s campaign. We are excited about your questions to Amalia. From all questions we’ll get from you (in form of a comment at this website or in Social Media or via eMail at lovefool @ ), we’ll chose the TOP10 and Amalia will answer them. Use the moment and ask whatever you wanted to know about Amalia and her works. The authors of TOP10-Questions will get Amalia’s book bundle with a special dedication. Deadline: 1st December 2012.

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