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The Love Pill

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What if you had a pill that could change attraction into love?

Female spy, Cara, has no qualms using the love pill to get information from her targets. But this time, it's different. This time, she actually likes the one she has to go after. Problem? Her target is a woman and Cara doesn't swing that way. Or does she?

The Love Pill is a lesbian romance filled with self-discovery, acceptance of changing sexuality, and a lot of sweet moments. This book will make you hunger for that human connection and restore your faith in love.

"Arizona Tape presents the impeccable balance of angst, self-discovery, intrigue, tears, hope, and love in her book “The Love Pill.” This story entertains and inspires, as a well-written romance should. Arizona Tape is not afraid to tackle the concept that, despite even our own definitions of self, love is love. “ K. Paulson
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