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Well, that was cute.

I guess dying isn't so bad if your consciousness is automatically backed up into a virtual reality. Except when there's an alien invasion and they've commandeered Earth's greatest asset—Hyperspace.

So, good news bad news. Good news: Halcyon is safe—partitioned and protected within Hyperspace. Bad news: They have no recollection of their previous life—again—and there's a war brewing within Hyperspace.

The only thing standing between Halcyon and freedom is a spacegate that separates their partitioned existence and the Ragnarok battlefield. That, and high school drama, love triangles, unrequited love, and betrayals from those they hold dear.

Hyperspace is a serialized saga about... Oh, you know—love, friendship, betrayal, revenge, moral ambiguity. Basically, life. But, in space. VIRTUAL SPACE! And with superpowers. And mechas. GIANT MECHAS! And sentient pandas piloting mecha pandas powered by dragon hearts! And giant pesky mechanical marshmallow mascots. Oh, also, don't forget poor life decisions! Join us as we go full anime teenage angst in this true to life coming of (r)age story. The goal isn't to become the hero that saves the galaxy, it's surviving long enough while resisting the siren call of the dark side!

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