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Ellie LLC Busty Runner in a Tight Cast and Tighter Clothes, Crutching and Cast Talk (HD 1280x720)

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Ellie broke her leg running. The first thing you'll notice about busty Ellie is that her cast probably fits her better than the dress she is spilling out of. When she crutches she swings her body forward, partly because of her constricting long leg cast and partly because of her dress! As she crutches the city and shows off her cast she can't help showing off her other assets. Ellie then changes and is back in short shorts and a low top and her assets continue to look like they are about to burst out of her top! They bob around perkily as she crutches a park in the middle of the city, dealing with strairs, rocks and resting to wiggle the exposed toes of her casted foot. Finally she comes home to rest and discusses her casting experience and her interactions with folks. Nice closeups and some light hopping an gimping without crutches in this one too!

LENGTH: 18 Mins
SIZE: 797 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280x720
UPDATE: 10/18/21

You will get a AVI (797MB) file

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