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Virtual Hypnotist

Virtual Hypnotist is an interactive hypnosis program. It includes features such as voice recognition, speech synthesis, subliminal messages, audio, and lots more. Its purpose is to simulate a real hypnosis session.


* Binaural brainwave synchronizer, for generating sounds that help induce hypnosis (sync brainwaves), and for providing flashing colour bars that visually also sync brainwaves.
* Lots of pre-made scripts, from inductions, deepeners, suggestions, etc.
* Two subliminal message systems, which add visual subliminal messages in sessions, and even let you display them on your computer screen while you work
* Hypnotic visual maker, for designing your own hypnotic effects
* Cool presets that get you started instantly
* A session logbook that lets you write down successes, notes, ideas, etc.
* Fully customizable hypnosis sessions
* Complete speech synthesis; choose from a selection of multiple voices.
* Speech recognition that lets you verbally respond to questions and prompts while under hypnosis
* Easy and powerful scripting language called ISL used for creating and processing scripts
* Animated characters used as virtual “hypnotists”
* Pop-up sessions, where the program can hide in the background and “pop up” at a certain time, and start the hypnotic induction
* Speed controls, to slow down and speed up both audio and video
* Text-only sessions that display text on the screen instead of using the speech system.
* Background and Subliminal modes
* Personalized information for use in sessions (name, gender, and preferred trigger)
* Comes with the Virtual Hypnotist User Guide - available digitally from the help within the software

and much more...


Windows Compatible:

* Windows XP
* Windows Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8
* Windows 8.1
* Windows 10

You will get a EXE (22MB) file

$ 8.99

$ 8.99

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