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Crit Knits is a collection of 8 knitwear designs by Christy Furlan and Mandy Bee. Each of the 8 designs is inspired by a member of the Mighty Nein from Critical Role, Campaign 2 and uses stunning yarn from Critical Sheep, to layer on even more D&D fun.

Caleb’s Cabled Hat - Published March 2020 Geometric lattice cables merge into large hourglass motifs to create a hat that is as complex as Caleb Widogast himself, knit with about 220 yards of Critical Sheep D4 Fingering.

A Knit for Nott - Published March 2020 While the ribbed and cabled cowl keeps your nose cozy and fans out over your shoulders to ward off drafts, the sleek stockinette hood warms your head and gives you a roguish air, just like our favorite goblin. Knit with two skeins of Critical Sheep D10 Worsted.

Jester’s Spiritual Weapon - Published June 2020 A fun and simple garter stitch knit that is the shawl-equivalent of Jester’s Spiritual Weapon — a lollipop — complete with pompoms and intermittent eyelet rows for flair, knit with two skeins of Critical Sheep D4 Fingering.

Beau’s Bracers - Published June 2020 Inspired by Beau’s Maelstrom Gloves and her training as a monk of the Cobalt Soul, these are fingerless mitts featuring cables reminiscent of lightning on one side and of Zen-like discipline on the other. Knit with one skein of Critical Sheep D10 Worsted.

Blooming Grove Tea Time Cosy - Published September 2020 A two-color knitted tea cozy inspired by one of Caduceus’ favorite hobbies, blending and brewing tea. Knit in Critical Sheep D10 Worsted.

Chosen of Uk’otoa - Published September 2020 These socks feature serpentine cables that call to mind a dangerous leviathan demi-god, the source of Fjord’s warlock powers. Knit with one skein of Critical Sheep D4 Fingering.

Tealeaf Tarot Shawl - Published June 2021 Intricate peacock feather motifs, reminiscent of Mollymauk’s flamboyant style, adorn this lacy shawl knit with about 450 yards of Critical Sheep D4 Fingering.

Waiting for Lightning - Published June 2021 Echoing Yasha’s tragic past, this shawl features knitted mosaics of flowers and lightning and cables that help create a shape evocative of angel wings. Knit with three skeins of Critical Sheep D4 Fingering.

All Crit Knits patterns have been tech edited and test knit.

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Waiting for Lightning


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A Knit for Nott


Chosen of Uk'otoa