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Getting Out Of Your Own Way - Study Pack

Getting Out Of Your Own Way, is a straightforward and thorough guide to uncovering and dissolving many of your hidden limiting beliefs and blocks – the ‘Resistance’ – the unconscious saboteurs that stand in the way of your progress.

How do you know if you suffer from ‘Resistance’? Here are some common symptoms:

  • Difficulty in making a start on a piece of work: Do you find yourself constantly putting back your starting time and never actually getting going? Are you often waiting for the “right moment” to start or for inspiration to strike you?
  • Craving diversion: Does the need to tidy your room, do the shopping, surf the internet and so on become irresistible whenever you contemplate getting down to work? Are you easily distracted from your work by friends and social opportunities?
  • Ineffective working: Do you spend a lot of time at work but end up with little to show for it?
    Last minute rushing: Is all your work finally done at a breakneck speed the night before the final deadline? Do you often think you have not left yourself time to do things properly?
  • Missed deadlines: Do you feel you are always asking for more time and making excuses? Are you losing opportunities and respect because you are always late?
  • Nagging guilt: Is your time off relaxing spoilt by the continual feeling that you ought to be working? Do you often feel you have achieved less than you should have?
  • Disappointment and self-reproach: Do you feel you are letting yourself down by putting things off? Do you think of yourself as lazy? Do you compare yourself unfavourably with others because of your procrastinating?

In this book you can learn simple processes to bring limiting beliefs and blocks into awareness, then use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) based processes to neutralise those blocks so that you get on with what you want to do without procrastinating, dragging your feet, avoiding the work, all the ways in which we get in our own way

Get the ebook PLUS:

  1. Three recordings of a live session using Getting Out Of Your Own Way. In these recordings I use the Getting Out Of Your Own Way process with Huw, a graphics artist who wants to create and present a polished portfolio of his work (a process that has been dragging on for many years). These recordings include:
    - Checking the goal and discovering the blocks
    - Unpacking the blocks – goal + Exception Tapping and the Belief Flip process on the blocks
    - Unpacking the blocks – the anti-goal + Exception Tapping and Belief Flip process on the blocks
  2. Extra technique – EFT process specifically designed to do limiting beliefs that start “I can’t … “
  3. Getting Out Of Your Own Way in EPUB format for use on iPads, iPods and other ebook readers
  4. Printable workbooks for each project (in A4 & Letter format)
  5. Printable worksheets (in A4 & Letter format)

You will get a ZIP (41MB) file

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£ 24.95

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