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3rd Grade Folder Inserts

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What is this?
This is a 4 pack of sheets that go inside sheet protectors in students folder in order for them to have easy access and quick reference on information.

What kind of information is there on the sheets?
So there is a multiplication sheet on which students can review and memorize the times table. There is a polygon sheet that provides definition and has examples of shapes, sides, and angles including the root words and what they refer to when used. A quadrilaterals sheet that provides definitions and examples. Language arts sheet which gives example and explains what simile, idioms, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and contractions are.

Why do my class need this?
To reinforce taught concepts, terminology, and refresh student understanding. Memorizing the definitions will allow students to excel in their future years.

The sheets come in color and black and white for your use.

Your students will find these reference guides useful. :)

Total 12 pages.
You will get a PDF (776KB) file