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Better Groceries for Less Cash - 2020 Edition

SAVE $100s - EVEN $1,000s on Groceries in 2020 - GUARANTEED!

Hi, I'm Randall Putala, and when I say that I'm a "foodie" - I mean all caps FOODIE!  I love to cook, and I love trying new recipes and buying lots and lots of food.

Only one problem. It gets EXPENSIVE!  We raised three kids that we adopted from Russia, and let me just say that they were hungry little critters!  The budget was getting drained long before my next paycheck, and I had to do SOMETHING. 

That's why I created my grocery savings system. Week after week, shopping trip after trip, I gradually learned how to cut a few more cents from my bill. Then a few more dollars. And after about 4 or 5 years of working on it, I got to the point that the checkout gals were saying, OH - MY - GOD!!! How did you DO that?

It got to be somewhat of a joke at my grocery store. Oh no, here comes that old bald guy again. How much is he going to take us for THIS time...? And here's an example of what they saw:

This was 2 weeks ago. So I paid $131.81 before taxes (sorry, no discounts from the government) and I got - yes, you read that right - $104.89 in FREE GROCERIES!  And this was from the undisputed MOST EXPENSIVE GROCERY STORE IN TOWN!

That's a $236.70 grocery bill. But I only paid $131.81.  Okay, that's "only" a savings of 44.3% So what. I kept almost $105 in my pocket rather than hand it to the cashier. Is THAT worth messing with?

So if I did this every week, I would keep over $400 in my bank account every month.

And if I did this every month, I'd save just shy of $5,000 every year. Hardly a drop in the bucket, because you make - what - $35,000 per year after taxes?  So that's only, like, 14% of your take-home pay that you're using to "tip" your grocery store rather than buy things for your family. Or pay down your student loan debt. Or pay down your credit card. Or buy a better car. Or take a college course.

I mean, I can imagine that the millionaires and billionaires give a $100 tip to their grocery store cashier every trip. Why not?  They're LOADED, and it won't even show up on their household budget. But you? Is your last name GATES - or BUFFET - or BEZOS??? Why are you HAPPY to tip $100 a week - or more, I might add.  Because if you have 3 kids like I did, my weekly grocery bill was more like $300 or $400.  So at the high end, you're overpaying by $160 a month. So YOU'RE maybe overpaying by over $8,000 a year!

Is this YOU???  Are you so FAMOUSLY WEALTHY that you tip your grocer $100 - $150 or more - EACH WEEK!  Well, you have my sincere admiration!  And your grocer is driving a brand-new Lexus, thanks to your generosity.

Hey, WAIT.  That's NOT me!!! I'm struggling to get by. If something doesn't change soon, my budget will go BUST. Or it already HAS gone bust!  What am I supposed to do???

Here's just one simple idea. Draw a line in the sand. Make a change. Learn how the PROS save money on groceries. Learn from me. I've been saving this kind of money for over 20 years now.

- My system WORKS.

- I'm not BS'g you. It REALLY, REALLY works.

- It's easy to learn. I have 101 clear-cut ways to save at the grocery store. Even if you don't have time to clip coupons or do a lot of extra work.

- I GUARANTEE that you will save AT LEAST TEN TIMES the cost of this book in the first month alone.


What will you learn by reading this book?

Here's a quick rundown of the chapters:
1. What Color is Your Shopping Cart? (which of 5 types of grocery shoppers is most like you?)

2. The "7 Deadly Sins" (signs that you may be losing the "grocery game" -- such as your family is unhappy with the food you serve, you throw out food that you don't eat, people are hungry, binge snacking, etc)

3. Here's Your Sign (pitfalls for each of the grocery shopper types)

4. The "12 Steps to Recovery"

5. The Myths & Misconceptions of Store Coupons

6. Startegy & Tactics: How to Win the War for Your Wallet

7. Couponing Tactics: The Simplest Way to Organize Coupons (8 envelope categories and how to be organized)

8. The Currency vs. Coupon Litmus Test (what coupons are really worth)

9. Clubs, Cards & Counterintelligence (explains how frequent shopper cards really work)

10. The Power of Rebate Clubs, aka "Your Check's in the Mail"

11. A Rebate Returned is Money Earned

12. The Economics of Food

13. Smart Grocery Choices & Core Ingredients

14. Real Food, Real Cooking

15. A System for Cooking = A System for Savings

16. Quick-Cooking: The Secret to Happier, Healthier Meals

17. Planning Your Menus

18. Miscellaneous Cost Cutters

19. Online Coupon Hunting

20. Grocery Store Etiquette

21. Miscellaneous Time-Saving / Money-Saving Tips

I've sold thousands of copies of this book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, even your neighborhood book store, and I've charged as much as $19.95 a copy. And people paid it. Gladly. 

Here's what "AnneSailorGirl" said on Amazon (Yes, you can Google it. Search on "Better Groceries for Less Cash" by Randall Putala.): "Rarely have I purchased a book that paid for itself within the first week of owning it. I read this book cover-to-cover by the 2nd day after it arrived. I loved this little book and I highly recommend it for anyone who eats and would like to save money eating."

And while you're there, pick up a copy, currently selling for $14.95. You'll be glad you did.

OR WAIT: If you don't WANT to pay $14.95, you can download a copy right now - right here - for the "whopping" price of $0.99.  That's right: less than a buck.

Why am I doing this? The answer is two fold:

1. I make a lot more money if 100,000 people download the book for a buck, rather than 100 people buying it for $14.95.

2. I truly believe that my book can help a lot of struggling families do better. You CAN save this kind of money, week in and week out. Your family will eat better, have more money, and be happier in the long run. And won't that be a good thing for EVERYBODY? I think so.

3. I'm not getting any younger. I would LOVE to start a revolution and end up on the "Ellen" show telling her how a geezer from Detroit helped turn around the household budgets of thousands and thousands of struggling young famiies across America. (And maybe she'll give me a new car. Or a trip to Paris. You never know. It COULD happen...LoL!)

So now, you're asking yourself: CAN I RISK $0.99?? Is it worth a buck to potentially save $5,000 or more per year?  Hmmm, tough call there, chief. That buck could be the straw that broke the camel's back, right?

WRONG.  Because I will GIVE YOU BACK your buck if my system doesn't KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET, if it doesn't CHANGE YOUR LIFE and make you say "What the *** was I thinking? WHY have I been "tipping" my grocery store $100 a week??? OMG, this REALLY, REALLY WORKS!!!!"

So, how do you go about getting back your $0.99 and beating me at my own game?  It's simple.

1) Buy the book and gamble with your $0.99. (Or pony up another penny and buy a lottery ticket. Yeah, that might work.)

2) Read it. Learn it. Live it. And keep your weekly grocery receipts.

3) See if the 'savings' amount goes up, week by week. Highlight the items you saved on, and which of my 101 money-saving tips you used.

4) At the end of one month, if you can prove that you used AT LEAST 5 of my savings tips and the savings amount DID NOT add up to $0.99 - take a picture of the receipts - send them to me at - and if you really REALLY could not save $0.99 using my techniques - I'll refund your money in full. REALLY.

Why would I make such an offer?  Because I DON'T THINK YOU CAN DO IT!  Once you "get the bug" and learn my system, you'll become a savings junkie. You'll learn to do what I do. And on MY shopping trips, if I "only" save 30% or 35% - I feel like I didn't do very well.  On a typical $100 "just a few things" trip to the grocery store, if I pay more than $65 for those items, I'm mad at myself. "I only saved $35" I'll say, wondering where I went wrong.

And the God's honest secret is this: once you learn my SIMPLE and EASY-TO-LEARN system, you will AUTOMATICALLY gravitate to the best buy on every item in the store every day. And wouldn't that be a GOOD thing?

If you say "YES" to savings, here's what you'll get:

- Your family will eat healthier, better food. 
- Your family will have more money for the things you need. 
- Your family will thank you for the higher quality of food they eat.
- You just might become a 'hero' to your local grocery store cashier.

Are you ready to start saving?  Are you willing to 'gamble' with a buck (even though there's no risk, so nothing lost.)  Are you ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 2020?  Then do it NOW. Click the button above and start saving TODAY. You can be reading this book in 60 seconds and making this change TODAY. RIGHT NOW. So take that leap of faith.

Thank you for reading, and "happy shopping!"


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