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Project ALICE (ebook)

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How much of our reality is driven by our deepest, darkest desires?

Alice lives a sheltered, controlled existence, or so it seems, until one day, while in one of the most beautiful locations in the world — Cape Town, South Africa — she is presented with an unmissable opportunity to change everything.

However, life rarely turns out exactly as expected, and soon she finds herself drawn from the sunny seaside filled with promise and optimistic new beginnings into the dark unseen underbelly of a city on the edge where life is cheap and theft, murder and trafficking is business as usual. What lies ahead for her is a dangerous rollercoaster ride of self-discovery, love and betrayal that pushes her to the very limits of her sanity.

It is Toni's job to find her before it is too late...

“Compelling, intriguing, fascinating and a terrific read!”

“Multi-layered and intelligently plotted...Bravo!”

“An utterly absorbing read.”

“A rare gripping novel which has great lesbian characters to boot.”

Will Toni rescue Alice and survive this mind-bending adventure?

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