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Sugar and Spice (ebook)

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What do you do if you’ve been a workaholic most of your life and then suddenly, that all-consuming focus is gone: sold overnight for a tidy sum!

Great position to be in, right? Yes…. But now what?

Spice, a successful entrepreneur from London, finds herself exactly here. How bare and lonely her life now seems.

What on earth is she going to do now?

The sensible thing: Brace and step into a new direction… but perhaps after a well-deserved break to recover and reassess. And where better to relax and regroup than on a sleepy Greek island with her best friend, Jacko?

Wrong! There is nothing sleepy about this island, and my goodness, does she need to brace for what comes next.

Warning: Spice gets herself into some deliciously deep water!

Disclaimer: No photographers or ex-pats were harmed in the writing of this book.

Praise for the book:

“A great read.”
“Sam Skyborne is guaranteed to make you think and feel.”
“Skyborne’s writing stays with me…”

*** Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts. ***

About this lesbian romance collection:

This collection consists of self-contained, standalone novels, all set around the same time, with all set around the same time, with overlapping characters on the Island of Lesvos. They can be read in any order as they take place roughly concurrently (not chronologically).

Books in the Collection:

  •    Sealed with a Kiss
  •    A Change of Heart
  •    Eye of the Storm
  •    Sugar and Spice
  •    Amenah Awakens (Free Taster)

  •    The Sappho Romance (Alternative History spinoff)

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