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Eye of the Storm (ebook)

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When does a tragic ending become a new, bright beginning?

Pat Richardson-Rose lived the dream life—a highly respected paediatrician in Rhode Island, USA, happily married to the soon-to-be mother of their daughter. Then, in a flash, everything changed…. Unable to live in the graveyard of her past, Pat decides to start over on a Greek island a million miles from her old home.

Robin Pérez came to Skala Eressos for a holiday, expecting sun, sea and cocktails. What she found changed her life forever. Inspired, but rubbing pennies together, she starts up an animal rescue clinic in an old, derelict barn, on a deserted piece of land. But….

What happens when the missing, presumed dead, landowner returns? And she is drop dead gorgeous, arrogant, more stubborn than a mule and heart-stoppingly dangerous—everything that both irks and ignites Robin’s deepest desires.

Can the eye of the storm really be heart-shaped?

About this lesbian romance collection:

This collection consists of self-contained, standalone novels, all set around the same time, with overlapping characters on the Island of Lesvos. They can be read in any order.

Books in the Collection:

 •    Sealed with a Kiss
 •    A Change of Heart
 •    Eye of the Storm
 •    Sugar and Spice
 •    Amenah Awakens (Free taster)

 •    The Sappho Romance (Alternative History spinoff)

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