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Roadblock? Juice it. Release it. Start Living, the Ideal Way.

Why Juice Cleanse?

For thousands of years cultures all around the world have participated in fasts in order to cleanse and detoxify the body. In Western traditions, they would fast in order to purify the spirit and soul. In Eastern cultures, they would fast in order to help cure an array of diseases, all ranging from addiction to cancer.

With juice cleansing, you are essentially fasting. There is no solid food (or fiber) entering your system, just large doses of vitamins and minerals from raw fruits and vegetables entering immediately into your blood stream. This gives your body the break it needs, while still fueling it with tons of nutrients.

Juice cleansing offers endless physical benefits to ones body. As we grow up constantly consuming cooked foods, usually on the SAD (Standard American Diet) our bodies begin to accumulate more and more toxicity. Add in preservatives and highly processed foods and you begin to start heading down the road towards a non functioning digestive track and immune system. As you juice, physically you give these organs a break. You flood them with nutritents to start rebuilding and repairing from the inside out. Along with this, your body will begin to cleanse out stubborn particles and fat from the body. This is why weight-loss is always a side effect of juicing. Although weight-loss is a plus, it is only a small bonus as to why juice cleansing is so beneficial. 

It is important to stress that even if you are in great shape, you can highly benefit from a juice cleanse. While juice cleansing can offer countless physical benefits to the body, it can offer just as many mental health benefits. The reason many physically fit people carry out juice cleanses is not to lose weight, but to overcome mental blockages and release emotional baggage. A lot of ancient civilizations that used fasting and juice cleansing used it for mental health - to conquer things like depression or addiction. They believed that the body worked holistically, and that when you cleanse physically, you are able to simultaniously cleanse emotionally at a much easier rate.

Juice cleansing can directly affect your state of mind because we are all in one way or another addicted to food. It's how we socialize, what we plan our days around and usually what makes us feel great. We eat when we are lonely, bored, sad or happy. Juice cleansing gives you an opportunity to cut all ties to food. To look at life in a whole different perspective. It allows you to realize how many aspects of your life actually do revolve around food. It forces you to be grateful for your meals and look at meal time in a whole new light. The best part is that juice cleansing brings about a higher sense in consciousness. You will feel more mentally clear and aware post-cleansing because your body and mind will have released toxins / baggage that had been ingrained in you for years. 


So why juice cleanse?

Because what better time to take charge of your health than right now?

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