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Giovanna SAK + SLWC + LAC - Chapter 01 - A amputee suffers a terrible run over and suffers multiple fractures + Accident the hit-and-run + Plastering Leg + Fresh Plaster

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Giovanna an amputee suffers a terrible run over and suffers multiple fractures.

An ordinary day Giovanna is at her house waiting for the update of her prosthesis to arrive at her house, she is walking on crutches because she is without her prosthesis doing some household chores.

Your bell rings the delivery of your prosthesis is made. She goes to get her prosthesis sits on the couch and adjusts it and does some housework before leaving.

Her phone rings, she says she's ready and goes outside when she realizes she's forgotten some documents.

When crossing the street she is on the phone and doesn't notice a car approaching and she is severely run over.

She falls to the ground and can't move and full of pain through her leg and her arm she can barely move with a lot of pain.

The help is done and she wakes up at the doctor where fractures are found in the foot, ankle, wrist, arm, the doctor arrives with the results and informs her that she will be in a cast.

The entire plastering process with the doctor is filmed.

She starts to plaster her foot where she complains of a lot of pain and the plaster is done with great care.

Soon after, her arm is put in place and the cast begins, a long time until it is cast and she waits at the clinic until the whole process is finished.

After the plastering process was carried out, she used a crutch and walked with great difficulty to the sofa in her house where she sat and began to clean her fingers and toes with a wet cloth.

After cleaning, she sits on the couch and starts doing a nice reading and starts enjoying her cast on the couch.

There are 30 minutes of videos with scenes from:

- devotee walking

- walking without prosthesis

- showing the stump

- taking your prosthesis

- adjusting prosthesis

- walking

- going to work

- being run over scenes of great pain

- medical scenes

- plastering leg and arm

- going home

- cleaning plaster

- enjoying the plaster at home.

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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