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He Starts a Crime Spree With an Obama Mask: He Blames All His Problems On the President

Fifty-five year old Jerry came rushing into the house, in an angry rage. 
‘How dare this country do this to me? After all I've done for my country, suddenly this man comes and takes it all away from me!! I can’t believe it!’ He thinks, as he throws his mail onto the table, and throws himself onto the couch. He then said a slew of curse words back to back, making absolutely no sense. Feeling guilty, he looked up at the urn sitting on top of his TV that held Elizabeth. 
“I’m sorry Elizabeth, I didn't mean that. I know how much you hate it when I swear.” Last year, his beloved wife Elizabeth had lost her battle with cancer. He loved her with all of his heart, and couldn't believe to this day that she was really dead. He only blamed one person in the world for his wife dying. He turned the TV on, and at that moment, saw the man he blamed for everything in his life. He blamed this man for his wife dying, his job loss, him losing his health care, having no money, and basically, going from living a nice life, happy all the time, to miserable, broke, and wanting to die every single day. The television was broadcasting the President of the United States. 
“It’s all your fault!” Jerry screamed at the TV. 
“Mr. President Obama, you are a fake, a fraud, a liar, and you have ruined my life!”  
He got even louder, and then put his hand over his mouth and sat back down. He didn't need his neighbors thinking he was even crazier than they already did. The President was going on and on about how much he cared for America, and with all these new laws he’s passing, American’s are going to find it easier to live here in the home of the free.  
“There’s nothing free at all about living here! This isn't the country that I served.” Jerry joined the military fresh out of high school. He was proud to be an American, and would have gone to war in an instant.

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