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Anxiety Journal Template - 6 Proven Exercises to Manage Anxiety, Worries & Negative Thoughts

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A powerful tool designed to help you navigate through challenging moments. This thoughtfully crafted anxiety journal consists of six carefully curated exercises, each aimed at promoting wellness and managing anxiety.

The exercises encourage self-reflection, categorizing negative thoughts, and exploring values, empowering you to take proactive steps towards a calmer and more balanced life.



  • Negative Thoughts Chart/Tracker
  • Things that I Worry About
  • My Not-So Helpful Negative Thoughts
  • Dump Your Worries
  • Values in Daily Living
  • Track Your Self Care


How do I know if this Anxiety Journal right for me?

This journal is for anyone who wants to cope with stress, develop resilience, and foster a positive mindset. Whether you're experiencing occasional anxiety or dealing with daily challenges, this journal can become your trusty companion on the path to emotional well-being.

Is this journal suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The exercises in the journal are user-friendly and suitable for all experience levels. Whether you're new to journaling or a seasoned writer, you'll find value in the exercises and insights gained from using the journal.

Can I use this journal multiple times, or is it a one-time use product?

The journal is designed to be used multiple times. You can revisit the exercises whenever you feel the need to engage in self-reflection or to cope with anxiety. It's a personal tool that you can integrate into your daily routine as needed.

What is the file format?

You will receive this A5 ebook journal in PDF format.

Is the journal suitable for gifting to a friend or loved one?

Absolutely! The anxiety journal makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone who could benefit from self-care and mindfulness practices. It shows your care and support for their emotional well-being.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of this ebook, all sales are final. However, we’re confident that this ebook has everything that you need to get started on your journey to emotional wellbeing.


Sally George

Sally George is a psychologist & editor of GentleMeanings. She curates thought-provoking tools, asks insightful questions, and encourages her readers to be gentle with themselves.

Her exercises are more than just internet-picked-stuff! Each of them are thoughtfully designed to help you tackle anxiety, negative thoughts, worries, and live a meaningful life.

Connect with her and download daily exercises straight from your inbox. 

If you ever encounter technical issues in downloading the file after purchasing, please send me a message with a screenshot of your purchase attached [] and you’ll receive the files personally through me.


You will get a PDF (339KB) file