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The Underworld, The Fantasy Realms of Penn Fawn (2nd Edition)

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The Underworld, The Fantasy Realms of Penn Fawn, 2nd Edition, is a compilation of graphic art meant to introduce readers to the dark fantasy world and novels of the author. Expect to find images of gargoyles, pixies, plus other mythological creatures and dark and exotic locales on the pages inside.

This second edition is not a rehash of the first with a couple pieces of updated graphic art thrown in here and there for good measure. It is an entirely new book. Fans, readers, or collectors interested in keeping up with all things Penn Fawn should get both, since the information and the art from the first edition to the second are not the same.

The publication is the size and length of a standard comic book. With just twenty pages, it’s a concise companion guide for those who may be curious about the author’s other books, while simultaneously being a breeze to get through.

You will get a EPUB (15MB) file

The Fourth Tier


The Jeniyan (Book Two of the Necropolis Series)


Necropolis (Book One)


Burning The Witches


Necropolis (The Boxed Set)


The Books


Gargoyles and the Goatlord