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The Harvest

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'It was a painting that set me off on a journey that summer when I’d just turned sixteen. A time in my life that represents the divide between one Zara and another. All the events that summer led to a division of sorts, while at the same time resulting in a coming together I could never have expected.'

Zara Carpenter has reached her sixteenth year. It's summer, she's keen to explore the world around her. But when she meets Nicholas O'Neill she begins to doubt what her family expect of her. A secret liaison is exciting, but how will Zara be judged by her parents. This poignant coming of age story is a reminder that when we fear the judgement of others we often forget that it is our own judgements that can colour our view of the world.

The fourth in the series of heart-warming stories, exploring life for many of the characters in Isabella Muir's popular Sussex Crime series.

Pick up your copy of The Harvest to discover the story behind the Sussex Crime characters in this thought-provoking tale and look out for the other novellas in the series - Divided we Fall, More than Ashes, Waiting for Sunshine and Choices.
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